Saturday, December 30, 2017

Headed to Albania

As 2017 comes to a close, our family has some wonderful news about the coming year.

Caleb, Haley and Charlie are headed to pioneer a new ministry for Josiah Venture in Vlorë, Albania, alongside two Albanian couples!

A month ago Caleb and Haley were here in Czech with us after having been in Albania to confirm this decision. Just a half hour before they left our house, they received an important phone call.

As the director of the southern region for JV, Josh Patty (Dave's brother, Caleb's uncle!) called to tell them that they had been officially accepted with JV!

What a special moment to share with them as they begin their missionary journey, first of support raising, and then off to the southern region of Europe to share the Gospel with young people in Albania!

While we were in Peoria, IL earlier this month for a wedding, Claire had the joy and honor of taking Caleb, Haley and Charlie's pictures for their first prayer card, and for the JV website.

Perhaps God will lead you to stand with this family in prayer and financial support!

Click HERE to read their story, and then join all of us in praying for the road ahead of them, that God will richly bless their decision to follow his lead to share their lives and the Gospel in Vlorë!

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  1. Another great story to end your 2017 Blog fest! Great job on so many fun and informative posts this year. Happy New Year. Looking forward to all of the new stories of your life for 2018.