Friday, December 1, 2017

From My Heart: Join the Watch

Today marks the beginning of the last month of 2017. Does it seem like it was a fast year to you? It sure does to me ... about as fast as the sun is setting these days. 😉

It was completely down by 4:20 this afternoon.

Do you ever wish sunsets would stay put so you could enjoy them longer?! I sure do!

Today also marks the last month of this inaugural year of the JV Prayer Room.

With a mustard seed of faith, many unknowns, and a small team to administrate it, we began the online JV Prayer Room on January 1st, unsure, but hopeful of how it would roll out and make a difference in our lives throughout the year.

We wondered if people would pray. We wondered if the technical side would work. We wondered what God would do if we rallied more prayer than ever.

Now that we're near the end of this first year, I am simply astonished at what God has done through it!

Yes, people have prayed and yes the technical side worked (most of the time!).

But best of all, GOD MOVED THIS YEAR!

For one, it was our most fruitful year. We saw double the amount of professions of faith and worked with over 40,000 young people! We saw God literally answer hundreds and hundreds of very specific requests that our missionaries submitted in faith. And truly, we saw walls fall, mountains move and lives changed (If you want to read some of those answers, you'll find them HERE).

And, perhaps truly best of all: God transformed us as we learned better how to engage in the battle of prayer on behalf of our sisters and brothers giving their lives for the sake of the Gospel.

Our hope was that God would fill 8760 hours of prayer for our team, which translates to 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year.

We're not there yet. But there's still time!

As of this evening, we are at 7268 hours. That leaves 1492 to go before midnight on December 31st. That translates to needing more than 48 hours of prayer each day between now and then.

Will you join the Prayer Watch with us??

As Dave wrote in a letter to our JV family this week,

"This is not about us filling hours, or even about us reaching our goal.  This is about humbling ourselves before the Lord, showing our reliance and dependence on him, and letting him use our prayers to release his power and purpose for this region.  This is about sweet conversation with our Creator, reflecting His glory, and coming into greater intimacy with Him.   We don’t want to miss out on the chance he is offering us by this challenge to draw closer to Him! 

In this letter he also asked each of our JV missionaries to commit to five hours of prayer between now and the end of the year. Many are praying, some even right now as you are reading this!

It may seem daunting to pray for an hour, but I'm serious - the time flies by! You'll spend time with the Lord in a way that is very meaningful. You'll engage in prayer for God's movement here in Central and Eastern Europe. You'll learn more about what JV is doing in this region.

And maybe...your life will change too! 

Someone wrote on the reflection wall yesterday:

So blessed by the Lord and the things he's revealed from his heart. He's healing and bringing me to places where I must rely on him as I'm asking these things on behalf of people I have never met! So crazy.

If you've already prayed once or many times, THANK YOU. Please consider signing up to pray again.

If you haven't prayed yet, I ask, with all my heart, for you to come in and try it. It might be the most meaningful hour of your year. 

Join the JV Prayer Watch HERE, and be part of God's movement in the lives of young people, and the family of JV missionaries who have given their lives to share the Good News of Jesus!

** By the way, the Prayer Room will continue into 2018! Since Jesus tells us to pray, we're not stopping any time soon! **

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