Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Golden Hour at the Top

Last year a new law came into effect here in the Czech Republic that says stores larger than 200 square meters must close at noon on December 24 and remain closed for two days after that. Only gas stations, pharmacies and airport shops are open across the country.

Which means that today, December 26th, is still a holiday here!

We loved having a completely free, quiet day to enjoy both inside and out.

It was chilly and windy, but so very pretty as we started out on a walk to the village of Malenovice.

With "golden hour" coming at around 3:20 these days, we were right on schedule to get a beautiful view out over the valley as we walked up to the church from our house.

This year the village received grant money to complete a path up to the church, coming from both sides of the hill. We hadn't been on it yet, so it was a treat to climb on a stone path instead of dirt!

The reward at the top was an incredibly beautiful golden hour!

I guess golden hour really isn't an hour, especially at this time of year! Rather, it's about five, or max, ten minutes where you get that beautiful end of the day light.

This golden hour seemed to linger a few extra minutes as we stayed at the top taking in all the views.

We walked quickly to the other side, looking out over the village and Lysá hora, for whom this blog is named after!

Lysá is the highest mountain in the Beskydy range, and I can see it from my office window at home.

With just a few minutes left, we walked back to the overlook, soaking in the beauty of the moment.

The clouds made it all the more spectacular as the sun began its final descent.

I'm so glad I capture these stunning moments in photos, even if they're just from my phone! The moments go by so fast that you can hardly take them in.

In one last burst of light, the sun settled down over the mountains.

Immediately the temperature dropped; crazy how it can happen that fast! And it wasn't that warm to begin with anyway!

We quickly made our way down the other side of the hill, walking on both the unfinished and finished part of the path.

What a glorious second day of our Christmas holiday!

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