Sunday, December 17, 2017

One More Goodbye

We all stayed until almost the end of the wedding party in Peoria, IL for Noah and Jill Ellenwood last night. Oh it's fun to write those names together!

We made the 3 hour drive back to the suburbs of Chicago to spend the night, and then had an early morning wake up in order to say goodbye to Caleb, Haley and Charlie.

In God's absolute kindness, he has allowed me to see Charlie each month for the past four months. I still can't believe the Lord did that for me! But now I'll miss the month of January, and won't see him until February sometime.

Not only does his sweet little face change in a second for photos, but it will change A LOT in two months.

I'm SO glad we have Instagram, FaceTime, and messaging available so we don't miss out on these cute little faces of his!

There was literally about five seconds between these two photos!! And that's the way it goes with babies. By the way, he will turn four months old on Christmas Day!

I drove them to O'Hare airport to drop them off for their flight back to Colorado.

There are a lot of exciting things happening in their lives right now so stay tuned for more news!

Love you all so much!! Nonnie/Mom

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