Saturday, December 16, 2017

Charlie & Co.

An added bonus to our wedding week-end in Peoria was the opportunity to see Caleb, Haley and Charlie!!

As all grandchildren and nephews do, Charlie has charmed his way into all of our hearts!

It's a good thing he's such a relational little guy, because we were all taking turns with him, and he completely rolled with that.

We were not only at the wedding with him, but at the party afterward where he lasted the whole evening without a fuss!

He is the cheeriest little fellow, and has a quick smile for you just about any time!

Papa (aka, Dave) took him out on the dance floor to see how he did there.

Apparently he likes it a lot. He fell fast asleep!!

Looking at that snuggling in to Papa's shoulder! And all the while dance music was going on in the background!

Towards the end of the evening I remembered to get the most epic picture of all...the three childhood friends, Noah, Caleb and Jacob, with their WIVES!!!

Charlie looked pretty cute in Jill's arms. One of these days, these childhood friends will probably have a whole bunch of little ones in their arms!

I also gathered together all the JV Kids who were at the wedding. That's a very special group of people right there!

Charlie doesn't yet know how awesome his parents friends are! But he'll know soon enough.

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