Thursday, December 21, 2017

Changing Trends

While we do have a bit of snow outside, there's not much inside that would tell you Christmas is very quickly approaching.

So this evening Dave and I decided we'd better go out and find a tree so it doesn't look like we aren't celebrating!

I called my friend Petr to ask him where to get the best trees and he told me the place he'd gone two weeks ago so we set off to get one there too. However, when we arrived there was no sign of trees anywhere! Guess they sold out.

We went on to another place where we've gone before, but alas, they too were out of trees.

So in the end, it was Baumaxx, the local building supply store who came through for us this year!

But when we actually got into the lot, the pickings were a bit on the slim side. This tree was the kind we wanted, but what you can't see is that the entire trunk is curved! That would prove difficult to place in a stand and make it look right!

We finally found one to our liking, though it's a bit misshapen and will need some trimming before it's living room ready! However, at this point I'm just happy to have a tree!

When we moved here twenty four years ago, our Czech friends often didn't get their tree until a few days before Christmas, but I guess that trend has changed. They may put them up the day before Christmas (as is common), but they're buying them earlier than they used to!

Can't wait to put ours up and make it look like Christmas!

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