Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Love of a Father

Today is a story of God's faithfulness, the love of a dad, and a daughter's joy in putting together her very first home here in Czech!

After shopping at IKEA in Czech a few days ago, scouting out furnishings for Claire's apartment, we made a huge discovery when we found out an item wasn't available in Czech but was if we traveled to Poland for it: if we shopped for the same item there she'd save between 15-20% off the price.

Hard to believe, but true! So today we headed over to the nearest IKEA in Katowice, an hour and a half away, to pick up things on her list.

Arriving shortly after the store opened, it was quiet and enjoyable to begin finding the items we'd seen in Czech. The IKEA employees here in Poland were super helpful as Claire began to gather some of the items on her list.

Having left early this morning, a surprise coffee shop along the aisles of the store was a welcome sight to give us a little fuel for the day.

Yes, coffee is even more effective with whipped cream on top. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Blessed by the gifts of many who are standing with Claire as she begins her ministry here, we made our way through the store, picking up necessary items to fill her new home.

Along the way, the Lord rerouted her on a few items that were even better for her place, and showered her with "love with all the extras", as her dad calls it when the Lord cares for his children!

It was so much fun to share in this experience with her, watching the Lord stretch her dollars thanks to the good exchange rate!

Before long we had a cart full of goodness, like lamps and dishes! It's such a rare experience to get all of those things in "one fell swoop", so we were all reveling in the joy of it!

By the time we were nearing the end, a whole lot more people had showed up to IKEA; so many that it was almost impossible at times to get through the crowd.

But we persevered!

Throughout the morning, Dave was not only being a great dad, but also being a vessel of wisdom, patience, kindness and love streamed to Claire from her other DAD (her heavenly father). There were so many incredibly sweet moments to watch between the two of them as they made decision after decision.

I'm pretty sure Claire was taking it all in and excited about the whole day!

While they went back into the store for another load, I stayed with the cart and watched people. That's a line for IKEA hot dogs!

Finally all the items were purchased and we were ready to head out to the car with them.

Yes, on occasion I hold up people for a few seconds so I can take a picture! ๐Ÿ˜€

The day had turned beautiful when we walked out into the parking lot. This was probably one of my favorite pictures of the and daughter, working on a project together.

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you're aware that we think Dave has superpowers when it comes to packing. Today was another example of that.

That load was just the beginning of his packing skills being demonstrated today!

After finishing at IKEA we headed over to an appliance store, hoping to find a couple of other things that Claire needs in her apartment.

We wandered from item to item, all the while Dave talking through things with Claire: energy ratings, exchange rates, comparing prices in Poland with those in Czech, brand names versus non brand names, etc. He's got such a gift for teaching that it even comes out in moments like this!

She's a blessed daughter to have a dad who loves her in this way.

I love these two together!!

Finally decisions were made, and it was time to purchase.

Fun fact in Czech: there are virtually no laundromats, and no laundry facilities in apartment buildings. So this washing machine will go into her tiny bathroom, just like all other Czech apartments!

And have dad head out to the car to continue using his amazing packing skills.

I am so thankful for this man and his abilities!

It wasn't only a washing machine that she purchased, but a refrigerator as well (since her kitchen is bare bones and doesn't have one).

And that has to go into this trailer somehow!!

Sorry this pic is blurry, but you just had to see the size of that frig...and contemplate with me how it's going to fit in!!

Dave and Claire got started on the task, with him continuing to teach her his ways!

And yes, after about 45 minutes of puzzle solving, they got it all in! Well, except for that one cushion, which eventually went in over the top of mine and Claire's heads, from the front seat to the back!

Blessed by warm weather and no rain today, we made it home without one piece shifting its place in the back of the trailer and car. And Dave tucked all of Claire's things into our garage for safe keeping.

And even made space to put the car into the garage too!

We were gone almost 12 hours today, but there was never a time where any of us broke down, lost patience or got frustrated. Instead it was a day covered in the love of a dad and Father, who kindly took care of their much loved daughter!!

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  1. Bravo Dave! So many lessons from one day of shopping. Packing and securing a load is an art. Dave's skills are epic. Like going through the tunnel at Pitve!