Monday, December 18, 2017

Flying Home

This morning found us at the home where Claire has been living for the past five months as she's been in the support raising process to come serve with Josiah Venture.

These friends, and more, have meant so much to her during her year here. And they were here for her once again, helping to pack up all of her belongings as she makes the move to Czech to serve our JV Kids.

These dear ones, along with others who came earlier, helped her pack six seventy pound bags that we're taking back with us today!

Thankfully Dave and I, due to all our travels, have the privilege of being able to check more baggage so can do this for her without any cost (normally you only get one 50 pound it's a special gift from the Lord that we can take six bags at 70 pounds to Czech for her!).

She's not leaving today, so it's just Dave and I making the familiar jaunt through the United tunnel at O'Hare airport, heading to our flight.

This flight is my 50th this year!

With a little time to spare before boarding the plane, I sat down in the waiting area to call my parents. As I was talking I glanced up and saw someone looking at me...someone I KNEW!!!

This is Lenka, a long time friend from Czech who moved to the States over 12 years ago. We haven't seen her since then. What a sweet coincidence that she was on our same flight back home! (She's headed there to spend the holidays with her family).

We chatted in line for a bit, but knew we'd get more time during our layover in Munich. But for now, we're off to catch our flights home!

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