Sunday, December 24, 2017

Joy to the World

I'm sitting in my kitchen, listening to Christmas music streaming out from the living room (thank you Claire for the good Christmas playlist!), getting ready to cook our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of fajitas.

Last night we finally put our tree up. While we may be late by American standards, we're actually right in line with Czech tradition.

It used to be that their trees were not set up or decorated until Christmas Eve day. In that case, we were a day early!

I think many families in Czech now put their trees up earlier than that, but I'd be willing to guess some did it today!

Did you know that Czechs celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve? So tonight our friends here will have their traditional dinner (the most typical of which is carp and potato salad), and then exchange their gifts. Tomorrow will be a day of rest or for visiting family.

Though we've been here for so many years, we still celebrate the American way. So tomorrow morning we'll wake up to enjoy all of our family traditions....a special breakfast, reading the Christmas story and sharing what impacts us this time, and of course, opening gifts!

It is a miracle that an infant child came to the world over two thousand years ago, taking on the form of a mere human so that he could accomplish the Trinity's redemption plan - to save a world from sin, and give them (us!!) eternal life.

On this Eve of the day we celebrate this miracle, I am singing in my heart "Joy to the World, the Lord has come!"

May the joy of his coming be oh so real in your life and in mine, today, tomorrow, and forever!

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