Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Receiving Claire

It's been a long time since Dave and I had the joy of being at the airport to welcome a new JV missionary. Since our team has grown to 320 over the past 24 years, and is in 14 countries, many others have stepped into that place.

But today, we woke up early to drive to the Krakow airport to meet someone.

And that someone is deserving of flowers from...her dad!

We stood at the arrival gate with such joy and anticipation at welcoming our dear daughter, Claire, home to the Czech Republic. But more importantly, into our lives as a fellow servant of Christ with Josiah Venture.

As she came through the sliding doors, and walked towards us I thought, "Lord! You are so good!!"

When Claire left Czech to attend Moody Bible institute in 2013, we had NO idea that she would ever return to live in the Czech Republic. But as the years progressed, and the Lord clarified her passion and purpose in life, it became clear that she was the one to come work with our JV Kids.

So today is the culmination of bringing together all of who she is, and the beginning of something new in her life and the lives of the JV Kids. This president of the organization, and her dad, is really happy about that! 😊

I think we all feel a little bit like, "Pinch me! Is this really happening?" It is a blessing from every angle that you look at it!

Over the years we've welcomed Claire home for holidays, but today, we welcome her to the Czech Republic as our newest missionary.

With the bonus being that we get to be "family on mission" with each other!

So here we go into a new chapter of our that we anticipate will be filled with much joy as we serve the Lord together.

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  1. Thank you for welcoming me home generously and giving me a place to land! Love you! Lots to learn ahead, but the Lord is constant amidst it all...what glorious news. ;)