Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Goodbye For Now

Well, bad news first. I woke up with a sore throat again. And nausea. Will you pray for me??? We are heading to the States and I would SURE like to be well for this trip!

The good news now. It was the warmest day of our whole time here on Hvar! The wind died down to just a whisper as we closed up the house for the winter.

Although I wasn't feeling great, I still managed to get everything cleaned, packed and tucked away during the last sunset of this trip.

A little surge of energy came over me (thank you Lord!) as Dave and I carried all the outdoor furniture inside and closed the shutters.

And we took one last picture before getting in the car.

With time to spare before needing to be at the ferry, we opted to take the dirt road along the cliffs of Hvar. It did not disappoint!

A project is actually underway to widen the entire road (and put in guardrails!), and about half of it is finished already. But this is the section that we can't figure out how they'll manage!

It's a spectacular drive as you hug the edge of the mountain, and affords incredibly beautiful views. Especially at sunset!

We're on the ferry now, and will spend the night in Split tonight before heading to Prague tomorrow. Again, pray for me please! We fly on Thursday morning. My bold prayer is that I will have no sore throat, and will have gained some energy by then!

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  1. You are so brave to take the sea road to Hvar! You will get better very soon. The sickness will be over and you will feel your streangth and energy returning. Have safe travels and enjoy the wedding. Say hi to Claire for me! And Charlie if he's there.