Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Making the Drive

We woke up to a rainy day in Split this morning. That doesn't happen often!

For those following my crazy saga of illness over the past weeks...I woke up with no sore throat, but the nausea was back. AGH! As we walked to our car to start a 12 hour drive today, I wondered how I'd make it.

But this morning I "happened" to read from Isaiah 40 in my Advent reading plan: "... but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength ..."

Those words nearly jumped off the page at me! I thought on this - having my hope in the Lord first and foremost. He knows what's ahead of me - this illness is not a surprise to him! But perhaps the point is not just that I get better, but that I get better at hoping in HIM.

So I thought on this and prayed about over the next few hours as we began our drive towards Prague.

And at about 3 PM this afternoon, the nausea lifted! It was THE BEST feeling!

It's midnight now and I still don't have it. So THANK YOU to those of you who prayed for me (Mary and Caleb...especially, thank you!). The drive today was oddly comforting the rest of the day. I'm tired tonight, but feeling hopeful in the Lord and trusting him for what is tomorrow.

Dave is on one last phone call (yes, it's late!) so that's why I decided to blog and give this quick update so you know what's happening, and you know how to keep praying. Pray for my hope in the Lord! And pray I feel better too. 😌

We fly tomorrow morning, headed towards Chicago for a special wedding of our dear friends' son. More on that to come!

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