Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Afternoon with Judah

"Nonnie! Come!"

If the weather had been nicer today, I would have taken Judah up on his offer to go exploring in the woods around Malenovice, our JV training center!

But since the weather is still a bit uncertain, not to mention that it's "mud season", Judah and I came down the hill together while his mommy and daddy stayed to finish their time with the KAM team.

I'm thankful our friend Mel just happened to be in the parking lot to take this picture for us!

Another first for Judah and Nonnie, we hopped into my car and headed into Frydlant to do a little bit of grocery shopping together.

And then headed back home to spend the afternoon and evening together. When we arrived I lifted him out of his car seat and before I knew it, he'd made a great discovery in the garage: Papa's tractor!

Oh yes Judah! You are sure to have many fun adventures on this with Papa!

Lara and Asher came down a bit later, and we had such a happy afternoon together enjoying the boys!

Judah and I were having a little party in the living room, which then led to him wanting to have a party for Curious George, the monkey you see sitting next to the espresso machine!

A little water, some tea cups, a jug for pouring water, and plenty of towels to soak it up when it spilled, this was good entertainment for at least a half hour!

I'm pretty sure he's going to remember this and want to do it again next time! 😉

Oh how fun it is being part of his growing up days!!

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