Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Thirty One Years

We woke up for our last time in Jerusalem this morning, finished with our study tour of the life of Christ.

It's been so special to share this impactful week with our JV family, and with these two!

Dave and I said goodbye to Claire, who is staying to visit friends in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and headed down to the southern most part of Israel. Didn't see any camels on the road, but definitely saw them off in the fields!

This area is much more desolate than anywhere I've yet to see here.

And a storm was brewing so it looked even more ominous as we drove. You wonder how Abraham and the patriarchs survived in this land.

They sure didn't ever come across this!

We arrived into Eilat this evening where we'll stay for the next few days.

It's special to be here on this day because it's our 31st wedding anniversary!

What amazing adventures I've gotten to live with Dave over these past 31 years. I can't wait to see what the next 31 look like!

"I love you Dave! It's a joy and privilege to share life with you as your wife!!"

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