Sunday, March 18, 2018

Delights of Family

Tomorrow, Dave and I leave for a trip to Israel with JV staff, where we will study the life of Jesus through the lens of discipleship as we walk the land where he walked.

Claire will be with us on this trip, which is a special treat this year!

But there are other family members who will be at home in Czech. It was so good to get lunch with them after church today and soak in a few last minutes with them.

This is such a season of change for these little guys. In two weeks they'll be different! So I'm just capturing a few little details about who they are before we leave.

Judah, the strong, adventurous one who seems to know no fear or limits! He saw these big "blocks" (as he called them) and knew no reason not to muscle them around the play area.

And then dear Asher, so sweet and cheerful, and so often smiling with his eyes! I caught this one of him earlier today at church, such a perfect representation of who he is right now.

And then, his sweet look a few hours later as we got ready to say goodbye for the next two weeks. He's a heart melter!

Oh how these little men have captured my heart!

When our kids were little it was always hard to leave them because I enjoyed them so much. And that's true even more with grandchildren! I miss our Charlie all the time (who lives in Colorado), and I"ll miss these little guys for the next few weeks.

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