Monday, March 5, 2018

Morning in Mikulov

We woke up in Mikulov to gray skies, but it was anything but that inside the hotel where we were having our iTeam ladies retreat!

This hotel turned out to be such a find! After a yummy breakfast, we pulled up chairs in the dining area and Amy shared a few things from the Word again before sending us off to quiet time alone.

After spending time thinking about all the "one another's" in the Bible (did you know there are 59?!), we gathered together in small groups for sharing and prayer about where we have a slow leak in our spiritual life, and where we want to grow in how to care for and love another, according to all those passages. It was such a rich time with each other.

One of our gals had to leave early, so we quickly gathered outside (despite the cold!) for a photo of everyone who was able to come. How I loved spending this time with all of these ladies!

We took a walk up to the Mikulov castle which is on the foundation of where a castle was first erected in the 13th century!

Destroyed quite extensively at the end of World War II, they went to great lengths to restore it in the 1950's. It's definitely an impressive sight!

We wandered around the castle grounds, with almost no one else in sight! Though it was cold and windy, it was still so special to enjoy the walk up there.

We finished our walk in the square and headed to lunch together, enjoying the time of fellowship and conversation so much!

The 24 hours together sped by, and I don't think any of us were quite ready to leave!

But I'm so glad for the rich time we did have together; and it was certainly a bonus to have Claire on our team and at this retreat as well.

I'm super thankful for the privilege of serving with such godly women who desire to live whole heartedly for the Lord! They spur me on to love and good deeds.

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