Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Extraordinary Week

How I love the Good News of Jesus!

This morning we began our day at the Garden Tomb, a beautiful spot in Jerusalem that proclaims the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, conquering sin and death for all. How I love standing at the empty tomb!

 Jesus is risen, he is risen indeed!!

We took communion here this morning, remembering his body that was broken for us, and his blood that was shed as the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

This is my happiest place in all of Jerusalem!

Afterward we headed up to the Mount of Olives for a view over Jerusalem, and a few last words from Dave.

It's been such a joy to share this trip with our JV family, and to serve them with Mel and Amy.

This has been an extraordinary week, traveling in the footsteps of Jesus all the way to Jerusalem where he gave his life for us.

May we forever remember his sacrifice, thanking him daily for making a way to the Father by giving himself as a ransom for our sins.

And may we walk in his steps, laying down our lives for the sake of his name and the Good News that it brings to people everywhere!

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