Sunday, March 4, 2018

Surprise Sunday Visit

There is nothing better than a surprise Sunday morning visit from this little man and his family!

Tyler and Lara's church meets in the afternoon, so they were out early this Sunday morning to run some errands, which included picking up a few things at our house.

On this bright sunny, and very cold morning, it absolutely warmed my heart to spend a little time hanging out with all of them!

They are both changing literally every time I see them, so it's super special to get to watch that happen with my own eyes.

I also love how Judah is getting to know Papa and Nonnie's house, and has to visit all his "spots" every time he comes, even if it's just for a few minutes.

One of those is our bedroom, a place I decided wouldn't be off limits. This time when he went in though he was very confused as our bed was completely dismantled. Why?

Because on Friday evening, before we left for Brno, we had pipes burst under our roof (due to the severe cold we've been experiencing), and cause a waterfall to break through the ceiling of our room.

Thankfully it probably had only gone on for 10-15 minutes when Dave "happened" to come home and find it. While it soaked our bed and the carpet nearby, he and our neighbor were able to stop it, clean it up before it did any permanent damage, and find out where the pipe had burst (which involved cutting a crawl hole into our space under the roof). A repairman came on Saturday to fix it so all is well.

But it hadn't been put back together yet so Judah was confused by Nonnie and Papa's "broken" bed!

And so goes life! The ins and outs, which include the hard and the good.

And these dear ones are some of the very good in our lives!

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