Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Israel Via Istanbul

The three of us left freezing cold Vienna this morning headed to a sunnier land.

We have the joy of going to Israel with 50 of our JV teammates for the next week, walking where Jesus walked and thinking about how he made disciples over 2000 years ago, that resulted in all of us following him today!

We flew through the Istanbul airport in Turkey and had a four hour layover there. Thankfully, due to all the miles Dave and I have flown this past year, we were able to wait in the lounge for our next flight.

You can't believe how excited I was to find twenty different sorts of olives just waiting for me to taste test them! I'm a big fan of any and all olives.

What does Dave do while waiting in a lounge? Work on preparing his messages for the next seven days while we're in Israel. I love this man!

We made it to Tel Aviv, along with four of our JV family who were on our same flight - though they'd come from Slovenia and Bulgaria!

Tomorrow morning we'll meet up with the rest of the JV team and begin our special time of experiencing all the Lord has for us in the Holy Land.

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  1. Great that you spent some time in the better parts of the Istanbul airport. On my trip throught there I spent time in the less desirable environs of the airport. Still it was so very interesting to be a people watcher in the airport in Istanbul.