Wednesday, March 14, 2018

At the Bookstore

Dave, Claire and I all had errands to run in Ostrava tonight so went together. After I finished my errand I found Claire in the bookstore.

She had come in looking for a gift, but in search of something else too, first wandered over to a different section of books. If you look really hard you might see what she found.

Dave's book, translated into Czech!

Yes, she pulled it out from between the other books and left it front and center! 😉

It was published this past December by a Czech Christian publisher that has over 300 books currently in print.

Dave's book is selling in their top ten right now!

It was fun to meet up with him when we were all done with our errands so that Claire could show him the pictures we took, and an Instagram story she did about it.

I am so thrilled about the impact that his book could have on this nation, calling them back to their spiritual roots and into a relationship with God the Father.