Sunday, March 11, 2018

Výlet in Spring

After church today, Claire and I had lunch with friends as Dave is gone on a trip to Moldova, visiting a church and youth ministry in the capitol of that country for the week-end.

Since we didn't need to be back home right away (me at my home, and Claire at her new one!), we decided to take a little "výlet" (the Czech word for "trip"...but I like the Czech word better!).

I'd heard from Tyler and Lara's outing yesterday that there was a pretty cafe in the town of Hukvaldy, not far from our home. Called "Ráj na zemi" (Paradise on Earth), they were right!

This darling cafe has good coffee, a beautiful atmosphere, a kind barista and even a cute dog to make friends with which = paradise on earth! 😊

Meet Amy, the dog. Yes...her name really is Amy!
Claire and I had a great talk with her owner, and even ended up inviting her to our church! 

Not only do they have a cute cafe, but a store with beautiful things; and even an "e-shop" if don't live nearby and want to order from them.

While it was the kind of place where you could stay for several hours, we were anxious to get outside and take a walk on this day, our first one that feels like spring is in the air.

Just last week we were having "Siberia cold" (literally, a weather pattern that blew in from Siberia). But today, people were outside without coats because it was so warm.

Claire bought a postcard at the cafe that was a reproduction of an old card from the 1920's. There is still the same charm here today as there was then.

We started walking up to the Hukvaldy castle, first built 700 years ago!

But didn't make it all the way up there; opting instead to just walk slowly on the path, listening to the birds singing and soaking up our first warm day of the year.

It was an altogether delightful Sunday afternoon with Claire.

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