Thursday, March 1, 2018

Epic Day

Today was an epic day: Claire bought a car and moved into her new home!

After car shopping all day and finalizing the purchase, we came back to our house at 6 PM and hitched up the trailer. It's been sitting in our garage for over two months, waiting for the day when she could finally move in.

And today was the day!

It's taken longer than she expected to finalize her apartment decision; but in the end, this one is so much better suited to her in every way than the other one she thought she'd be moving into.

As always, the Lord knew best.

The three of us were moving machines as we hauled all sorts of boxes, tubs, suitcases and small and big appliances up to the third floor of her apartment building.

And then while I began to clean, Claire and Dave started the process of building furniture together.

As I mentioned in my earlier post today, with the process of selecting a car to purchase, Dave again helped Claire by not only building furniture for her, but teaching her how to do it along the way.

These two were fast builders!

At 2 AM, they finished almost everything, including the building of her bed so that she could sleep in her new apartment for the first night!

What a privilege to come alongside Claire and help her get settled tonight. We're so thrilled that God has brought her back here to serve in JV, and that she gets to live just ten minutes away from us!

In the quiet of her little village at 2 AM, we tied down all the boxes so that she didn't have to figure out where to take them. We still have no idea where the garbage cans even are in this apartment complex!

Saying goodnight to her and the pretty snow covered church next door, we drove home with hearts full of thanks to the Lord for his care over our daughter.

He has been merciful, kind, generous, loving and a strong refuge for her in this whole process of leading her back to Czech after five years away, to now serve our JV Kids.

I am full of deep thanks to him for all that he's done in her heart and life to bring her to this moment where she is now in her own home and ready to settle in to what he's called her to do.

This was an epic day, indeed!

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