Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New KAM Director

Up this hill, in the meeting room at Malenovice, a special event took place today.

The KAM team, JV's partner organization here in the Czech Republic, gathered for their once a month "Obývák" ("Living Room") team meeting with all those who serve in KAM across the country.

But today was not an ordinary "Obývák". It was the installation of a new director for KAM!

As I wrote HERE back in January, KAM was in the process of seeking a new man to lead the ministry here in the Czech Republic after the last director transitioned on to a new position. Dušan Drabina was put into place as the acting director back then, and now has been officially appointed as the leader of KAM.

It was such a joy and privilege for Dave and I to be part of the group who prayed over he and his wife, Danča, both whom we have known and loved for many years.

The KAM team is strong, with 80 members serving across the entire country.

Reaching thousands of young people each year with the Gospel, they share Christ, lead youth groups, train leaders, serve in Fusion, English camps, Edge sports, schools, and EXIT Tour  - all for the sake of fulfilling the Great Commission which is to make disciples who make disciples.

We are so encouraged by this dedicated group of people, and pray for much wisdom for our dear friend, Dušan who now has the privilege and responsibility of leading them into the next season of ministry to reach the young people of this country with the Good News of Jesus.

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