Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dinner Guests

With a few extras in the picture, you could wonder who exactly were my dinner guests tonight. 😉

It's true that Pooh Bear was a guest tonight, making his first appearance at Nonnie's house, accompanied by his owner, Judah.

What's so fun is that I bought Pooh for him the very day we found out Tyler and Lara were having a boy almost three years ago!

Taken June 21, 2015!

Judah just discovered him among his toys that were recently unpacked now that they're settled in their home in Ostrava. I love that he's become a friend to bring along to Nonnie's house!

But not only was Pooh, Judah, his mom and little brother here for dinner tonight, but another sweet little JVK was here as well!

Era's mama is sick with the flu and her daddy is gone on EXIT Tour, so Lara offered to take her this evening so her mom could rest. And since Lara and the boys were already coming for dinner, I was happy to have Era come along too!

It was a happy bunch at our house for a few hours!

Both Tyler and Dave had meetings this evening so weren't here with us. But Lara and I laughed our way through the evening as the kids entertained us!

With one more little one in the house, Judah suddenly seemed so big! Crazy how that happens.

I love that life now includes these kinds of spontaneous evenings of joy and delight with family.

I can't think of a better way to spend my evening!

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  1. Judah reminds me so much of Tyler. A baby one day and then when other kids come he suddenly seemed older, like almost grown up. They are so cute at this age...enjoy!