Friday, November 9, 2018

Marriage Coaching at Malenovice

Many years ago, on a trip to the States to visit one of our supporting churches in Vancouver, Washington, we met a couple who had just started attending the church. That "chance" meeting led to a friendship that has not only lasted for many years, but has brought our whole Josiah Venture team great blessing.

This whole week at Malenovice, Al and Autumn Ray, with Marriage Team, have been with 12 of our JV couples, teaching them and giving them lots of practice on how to be marriage coaches.

They first started coming years ago when we began having our JV marriage conferences. They served our team as counselors at three different conferences, using their wisdom, expertise and godly counsel in helping our couples tune up their marriages.

But then they came three years ago to lead the first group of our JV couples in how to do marriage coaching. And have been coming every year since then!

We know that it's important to give good attention and make deep investments in our marriages no matter where you live. But when you're on the mission field, there are even greater pressures that press against a married couple. So over the past years we've given more attention to our own marriage, and to helping our JV couples stay healthy.

And Al and Autumn have been a huge resource to us in this pursuit of healthy marriages!

Today, they graduated another group of marriage coaches up at Malenovice. Those couples will now be able to come alongside others (both JV missionary couples and couples in their churches and ministries) to coach them in how they can have healthy, vibrant, and happy marriages!

We are so thankful for this resource that helps us healthily stay on the mission field to do what God has called us to do. Thanks Al and Autumn!!

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