Saturday, November 17, 2018

Special Day at Cattaleya

Up in the hills of the Beskydy Mountains, above the village of Čeladná where Claire lives, is a pretty boutique hotel, spa and restaurant. 

On this first icy morning of the fall, I came to Cattaleya, a place I've visited before, but never for the reason I'm here today.

I've been here to the restaurant for breakfast several times, enjoying the magical feel of being tucked away up in the woods.

But today I'm here for a very special wedding!

Claire's seat-mate during her high school years, is getting married, and Claire has the joy of being her maid of honor today!

After a morning and afternoon of preparations, we gathered in this cozy room at the hotel where Dave gave the wedding message and led Kristy and Kuba in their wedding vows to each other.

These iPhone photos are "borrowed" from Pavla, Claire's housemate and a friend of the bride who came to do her hair and make-up.

That's because I had the honor of shooting my first wedding as the photographer!

Having only taken photos as a guest, and usually with my phone, this was a whole new experience, trying to capture loving expressions and tender moments on camera. You only get one try as a wedding photographer!

Claire is going to edit those photos (I SO hope there are some that turned out!), and was able to take photos of them afterward too.

I was happy to give the camera back to her!

Kuba and Kristy's story is a beautiful one of God's redemption in their lives. He brought both of them to Himself at different times, and has been writing their story for quite a while.

It was so lovely to watch them become husband and wife today, and I am full of expectant anticipation about what God has ahead for them.

And what a sweet day to be here for this beautiful occasion with Dave and Claire!

It's a joy to share these kinds of sweet events with these two!

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