Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday Morning

I came early to our church this morning, to prepare for worship with the team I get to serve on when I'm home.

How I love this body of believers. It's been a joy to be here almost since its beginning in 2001, watching God grow this church into what it is today.

Over the years we have moved locations many times, starting in the living room of the first pastor's house, to where we meet today at BMA, the Christian high school in our town of Frydlant n.O..

We would love to have our own space someday as we're bursting at the seams. But we're thankful that we can be here, using classrooms for our growing children's ministry and space in the cafeteria for our services.

This morning Bogdan gave a testimony about EXIT Tour in Frydlant this past week, where they saw 24 young people put their faith in Jesus! Oh may those young ones fold into our body here, as many others have through the years, and become part of this thriving church.

Dave is an elder and part of the teaching team at church. If you can read the screen you'll see that he'll be preaching here for the next two Sundays!

Our church is unique in that not only does our pastor preach, but the elders as well. This morning Paul Till, who teaches here in this building at BMA during the week days, brought the Word to us.

Across Czech, the church is small in comparison to the population of our country. And yet, we're seeing God change people's lives and bring them into these small, but vibrant communities of believers to grow, serve and reach out to others.

I long for the day when this results in revival across this land, where churches will be full to brimming over with people of all ages who are seeking God and finding Him faithful. May this happen sooner rather than later!

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