Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Extended iTeam Days

A winter chill is definitely in the air these days!

But up at Malenovice, on the top floor in the "Malý sál" of our training center, it's nice and warm on this day of an extended meeting with our iTeam (those who serve the JV team here in Europe).

And Dave's in his happy spot!

Every week our team meets for an hour and a half of Bible study, updates and prayer.

But once a month we are now getting together for an extended meeting, lasting all morning, for more in depth training on a variety of things that will help us be more effective and fruitful in our ministries.

Today Dave led us through something called the "Logic Model", which is a way of helping you to focus on the outcomes of your programs. It actually helps you think backwards, from impact to outcomes to output, then to activity and input. Many people start at input and end with impact.

If it sounds confusing, it was...at first! But the more hours we talked about it, using real life examples, the clearer and more helpful it became! I'll definitely be thinking about this in my areas of ministry that I work in.

It was also so fun to see Dave teach it! Most of the time I hear him teaching biblical truths. But he's also really good at teaching strategy and leadership! So I found something new to be thankful for in him today: his mind that not only thinks about these kinds of things, but is able to teach it to others.

Like me, Amy and Claire, who don't always think in these kinds of paradigms!

Even though these things don't come naturally to me, I never want to stop learning! So I'm thankful that we're now regularly getting these kinds of input at our iTeam meetings!

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