Sunday, November 18, 2018

All is Well

After a wonderful morning at church here in Frydlant, then lunch with Claire in Malenovice, I came down our road, parked and walked out on the driveway to stand there.

Why?? To take in the first snow of the year!

Little tiny flakes had just started falling in that moment and it felt magical!

Oh I know, I might not be saying that a few months from now if this happens to be a big snow year.

But it made for just about a perfect wintry November afternoon to see those flakes coming down outside....

And to be tucked away inside, cozy by the fire with some dear friends over for the afternoon to talk and pray.

It was one of those "all is well in the world" (at least for this moment!) kinds of afternoons.

And with this being the week of Thanksgiving, I especially noted how thankful I was for these things today.

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