Saturday, November 10, 2018

Party Day for Judah

It's somebody's three year old birthday party today!!

While we celebrated Judah's birthday with family earlier, today it was time to celebrate with his friends!

He'd just arrived to the party, so happy to see everyone who was already there!
He's been talking about, and waiting for, this exciting day for months!

What a happy celebration it was!

So many friends -- from their church in Ostrava, from Frydlant, from JV, and from Judah's preschool -- came to Tyler and Lara's church for the celebration this morning.

It touched my heart to see so many who took time on a Saturday morning to be here for Judah's first birthday that he's celebrating here in Czech.

Since this was a "dinosaur" birthday, Tyler drew a dino and they played "Pin the Tail on the Dino!"

Judah seemed to soak up every minute of his party.

Look at the joy on his face as everyone sang happy birthday to him!

His friends were so generous to him, excited to give their thoughtful gifts!

I loved watching him respond with joy to each one!

Sometimes he'd just stop and get down on the floor to really check out what it was!

And occasionally gave hugs to say thanks for the cute!

There is just something so wonderful about a kid's birthday party with friends. I love that the Lord has already given him these friends who are important to him, and who he enjoys being with.

And of course, it's always good to have your brother there too!

Three hours of partying went by so quickly today.

But I know that Judah loved every minute of it, and will be talking about it for days, if not weeks, to come, remembering the people who came, and the feeling of being loved and cared about by so many.

What a good life the Lord has already given to Judah in these first three years of life! And how special that he is surrounded by such a loving community of family and friends, who will help to shape him into the boy, and then man, that God made him to be.

We all sure love you Judah!

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