Friday, November 2, 2018

KPM 25+

This afternoon Dave and I headed out from home, passing the High Tatra mountains of Slovakia as we drove four and a half hours towards our destination.

Though not as high, it reminded me of driving by the Rockies of Colorado or the Tetons of Wyoming!

Without taking my eyes off the road (I promise) I held up my phone to see if I could take a few pictures while I drove, while Dave was finishing his preparations for the week-end.

And why are we passing the High Tatras? To come here!

This week-end is KPM 25+.

That might look like we're celebrating a 25 year anniversary. Or that there have been more KPM conferences than 25.

But the truth is, this is a conference for people 25 years and older!

And Dave's teaching at it.

KPM is a youth leader training conference in Slovakia that's actually been going for 25+ years. But this is not that conference.

This one is for those who have been to it in years past, but who are no longer in youth group or working with young people, but want to continue to grow.

Sometimes people are on fire for God as young people, but begin to stagnate in their middle years. So Dave is speaking from Colossians 1-2 about the difference it can make in our lives when we are in Christ, and when Christ is in us, and how knowing and living this out can keep us fresh for many years.

I love the KPM team putting on this event! We've known them for years, and are so encouraged by their faith, creativity and care of people. I'm sure this is going to be a very meaningful week-end in Bardejovské Kúpele!

**Special thanks to the young woman who personally made hundreds of beautiful 
cupcakes for us all to enjoy this evening!**

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