Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Cookies and Friends

Oh the joy of being home for a few days!

Fall is always a busy season of travel for Dave and I, and honestly I really do enjoy it. But then I come home and remember how good it is to get to do normal things here.

Like bake!

We have friends from Norway visiting so it gave me a reason to find a new recipe to try out (yes, one of my favorite things to do with guests...go figure!).

This time it was these 'oh so delicious' chewy molasses spelt cookies from "Oh She Glows".

Spelt is an ancient grain that, while related to wheat, settles on some people's gluten-intolerant tummies ... like mine!

It's easy to find here in stores (I've never looked for it in the States so don't know how readily available, or not, it is). And while I don't use it regularly, it's a good substitute for me in baking when I do decide to use it. Finding a specific recipe that even calls for it is a bonus!

I loved being in my kitchen on this beautiful fall afternoon trying it out and preparing for our guests.

We had such a wonderful evening with our friends, Oivind and Linda, who head up a European church planting movement. Our hearts beat for the same kinds of things, like a movement of God across this whole region! 

What an amazing privilege to link together with so many like-hearted people to see God's Kingdom advanced during our lifetimes.

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  1. I have the warmest smile on my face as I see your kitchen and you in it baking cookies. It makes my heart happy to see you there....and my heart is wishing I was with you there in your kitchen right now! :o)