Thursday, November 8, 2018

Breakfast in the Garden

I walked out the door this morning to a meeting, turning my head towards our front yard as I headed out. 

If you're not looking closely, you might just think I'm capturing yet another pretty fall morning here.

But look closer!

There is not just one, but two (look close!) deer having breakfast in our garden. ūü§£

They don't like the peppers that are still hanging on the vine. But they DO like the leaves. And in fact, have been stripping them off for the past few weeks.

I guess it's their version of the "drive through", like at McDonalds!

He, or she, wasn't too concerned about me and just went right back to breakfast after a quick glance at me.

I'm glad I had my phone in hand to capture that. We'd known that something was stripping the pepper plants, but hadn't caught them red-handed until now!

For years we've always said, "We live in a zoo", because of all the different animals that make their way through our yard at different times of the year. And today is no exception!

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