Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Vision Come True

What my dad envisioned years ago came true today when Judah and Asher came over for a visit.

I don't remember how my dad happened to get this talking Christmas bear who tells the whole "Twas the night before Christmas" poem (I've looked it up online and see that it was produced by the Avon company in 2006!), but I remember he sent it to me years ago and said someday some little grandkids would surely enjoy it.

And they absolutely do!!!

I've been putting it up with my Christmas decorations for over ten years, even though my kids were big, and there were no grandkids in sight. But today my dad's vision came true!

Thank you dad for that gift all those years ago! It was such a big hit today when the boys came over; and for sure will be a hit again when Charlie comes for Christmas in a few weeks! It was the boys' favorite thing to play with today!

1 comment:

  1. Sooooo fun! I love that your dad was so creative all those years ago and had your grandkids in his heart even before meeting them. GO JIM FRANCE!!!! :o)