Saturday, November 3, 2018

Week-end in Slovakia

This week-end Dave and I are on the far eastern side of Slovakia for a conference.

We're not staying in that building, but it's one of many beautiful places in this spa town where Austrian royalty used to visit, and where many from around the region come today for its curative benefits.

However we're not here for the spa, though it's a famous one and lovely to walk around!

We're here for a conference with 170 Slovak believers, who are digging in to God's word with Dave.

Studying in Colossians, chapters one and two, we're spending this week-end asking the question of what it means to be in Christ, and have Christ in us, and how that works out practically.

After the first session this morning people were given time to walk and talk with God, to ask Him what changes He wants to make in their lives to lead fresh lives of faith.

There was also time for mentoring, which was how I had the privilege of spending the rest of my morning and afternoon, talking, praying and seeking God with several women. Oh how God "showed up"! It was a very precious time.

I also led a seminar in the later afternoon.

A few years ago as I assessed who God made me to be, I realized that teaching is not in my gifting. I was doing it, but feeling no power of God flow through me as I taught. And yet, there are things of Him that I am passionate about and love to speak of. So how to reconcile those two things?

Have an interview conversation about those topics!

It was actually my Slovak friends in JV who opened up that option for me and I love it! My dear friend, Katerina interviewed me and translated, doing a fantastic job of helping me communicate my love for prayer.

I had a wonderful group with me this afternoon (more than you can see in the picture...sorry I missed some of you, and that this picture is blurry!) to talk about prayer and why I'm passionate about it.

My love for God has been infinitely deepened through hours of prayer over the years, and I've seen the power of God move as a result of prayer.

It was a joy to pass on some of my thoughts from God's word and from my experiences with it. I know I left more encouraged to press on in prayer after being with this dear group!

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  1. I'm soooo happy that you got to teach and mentor on one of your favorite topics: PRAYER! There is no one else I would rather hear talk ton the subject than YOU! :o)