Sunday, September 22, 2019

Guess Who Came to Town?

Yesterday afternoon some special people arrived at our house, in anticipation of JV Fall conference which starts tomorrow.

Beside Charlie, and his beloved Curious George (who belonged to his daddy when he was a little boy!), Caleb and Haley are here for the next eight days!

Caleb is already at meetings up at the hotel for all the camp directors of our JV countries, and Dave is there too for JV Council meetings with our country leaders.

I'm so glad to get these sweet moments today with Charlie before I too will head up there tomorrow afternoon.

Charlie is talking up a storm these days...putting five and six word sentences together. How I wish there was an easier way to load videos into my blog posts, just to remember these early days of him learning to talk. It is seriously so cute when he talks!

He's really got words for just about everything in his world...though of course he uses "work-around" words for ones he doesn't know! But it's so fun to get to interact with him in person.

While I'm at conference this coming week, along with Dave, Tyler and Caleb (who will all be staying at our house this week), Lara and Haley will mostly be here with the kids, enjoying some "sister" and cousin time. I'll drop in as often as I can, and then we get the week-end to be together.

I'm incredibly thankful that I have everyone around our home these next days!

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