Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Window into Heaven

It's hard to describe what it's like to sit in the tent with 400 sold out followers of Jesus, who are all living on mission in eighteen countries across Central and Eastern Europe.

But if I could only use a few words to describe it I'd say ... it's a little window into heaven!

Even though we are connected to all of these people through JV (with the exception of a few guests), there are still people here who I don't know personally.

While I've often pray for them through our online JV Prayer Room, I'm getting to meet some of our missionaries face to face, like Nadija, who just began to serve with her husband in Sofia, Bulgaria in Fusion music ministry!

She, along with all the other national believers here for this conference, is the reason we're doing what we do with JV! We get to equip, disciple and cheer on these young "Josiahs" who are laying down their lives (and in the case of Nadija and her husband, literally laying down their jobs) to tell young people about Jesus.  Oh how I love these dear ones!

After rich worship and a morning session all together, everyone divided up into their "tracks" for the week, where they'll stay together to go through the teaching on the Great Commandment.

Dave is one of four teachers leading tracks this year, so he's got about 100 who will be with him in the tent every morning.

All the Fall Conference talks will be hosted HERE, if you want to go take a peek inside of what a day or two looks like through the voices of those who are teaching!

This evening's program didn't actually have any teaching.

Instead, it was two hours of THE MOST glorious worship!

Dave's brother, Josh, led us through the evening (with the help of our amazing worship band), opening our time with this statement: "Today we've been through a day of soaking in God's love for us, hearing about it, experiencing it, and studying together. Tonight we want to respond to that."

And respond we did! It was truly one of the best nights of praising God I've experienced!

If you want to watch/listen, you can find it HERE, under "Tuesday - Worship and Response". Josh begins the evening at the 14:45 mark, just so you know.

As the day began feeling like a little window into heaven, so it ended in the same way!

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