Tuesday, September 17, 2019

ForMission Begins!

Today inside this building at our Malenovice training center, something historical is taking place.

After many years of praying, dreaming and searching for the right fit for a new model of theological education, ForMission College has opened its first European mainland campus here!

Classes officially started today for this bachelor degree program in leadership and mission that 12 students from Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Germany are beginning. It will take them three years to complete their degrees.

Dave and I came up this morning to sit in on a little of it. And praise God for His faithfulness to bring this program to fruition in His perfect timing!

Our son, Tyler, is the director of this campus so will oversee the program, as well as teach.

There are two professors from the UK ForMission college site, who are here as well, along with four other JV staff who will provide care for students, additional teaching, and hosting of cohorts during the weeks and months students do studying in their own cities.

Dave brought a short message to the students today saying, "This program will be much more than you anticipate. It will also be much harder than you expect! But as you lean in, believe God for maximizing your growth and using this education to further his Kingdom in Central and Eastern Europe!"

The students will come to this campus five times throughout the year, for a week at a time, of learning onsite. The rest of their studies will be done through reading, papers and cohorts that will meet online.

We are so proud of Tyler and Lara for championing and leading this new thrust of theological education for Josiah Venture!

And proud of these boys too, who are "family on mission" with their mom and dad!

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