Thursday, September 12, 2019

Waiting, Watching, 24-7

This afternoon I came and met Dave in his office down in Frydlant.

We had a meeting by Skype with Brian Heasley, the International Director of Prayer for the organization 24-7 Prayer, which bases out of the UK, but has a world wide presence.

Twenty years ago this month, they started a prayer room, in a warehouse on the south coast of England. Led by a man named Pete Grieg, a group of people simply began to pray 24-7 because, as they say on their website in the answer to the question of why: "1. Prayer's pretty much the heart of everything else in the Christian life and 2. We were really, really bad at it…"

Their ministry has grown to literal prayer rooms around the world! To date they have had over 25,000 prayer rooms registered on their site, with 144 currently praying 24-7 somewhere in the world. Brian said they have had someone from every nation in the world, except North Korea and Iran, visit their website this past year!

They have so many resources available for use by anyone. Everything from how to set up a literal prayer room, to how to motivate people and how to fill an hour of prayer.

We are definitely kindred spirits with this group of brothers and sisters in Christ who are giving their lives to prayer - to praying, and to helping others pray. I was so inspired talking to Brian today and hear of 24-7's compelling vision: Waiting. Watching. 24 – 7 – 365.

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