Sunday, September 8, 2019

Still Having Family Night

It's Sunday evening...which means that if we're home, someone else is here with us!

It's Claire, at home with us for a family night!

From the time that Claire was just three years old, we've been having family night. Well, that's not exactly correct. We took a five year "pause" when she left for college and we didn't have any more kids at home!

But now that she's back here in Czech, we try to have family night with her whenever we can.

And tonight's family night started off with GF pancakes, thanks to a Pamela mix I brought from the States a few months ago.

Yes, we're having breakfast for dinner!

When we started family nights with young kids, we always had a fun meal, accompanied by a lot of arts and crafts, singing, wrestling (dad with the boys!), and a lesson from the Bible.

These days we don't do much with crafts or wrestling - haha! - but we still have time in the Word with dad, who always gets very excited about doing it!

It's really a precious time for the three of us to talk, as adults who love Jesus, about the Word and how to apply it to our lives. And I'm thankful for how Dave is still leading us in family nights!

Someday Claire may have a family of her own, and we won't get to do this with her. But it sure is special to share these evenings together as regularly as we can right now!


  1. I want to join family night! I count as family, right?! I've gotta get over there and join you sooner than later! I'm missing my Patty's!!!!!

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