Sunday, September 29, 2019

Heading for Home

This was taken just five minutes before everyone left to head for their homes on this Sunday morning. 

Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher had just a thirty minute drive home into Ostrava.

But Caleb, Haley and Charlie have a "bit" farther to go than that.

They will be in the car today for at least twelve hours; and then tomorrow they'll have another twelve! Charlie is learning to be a good little traveler back and forth to their home in Vlorë, Albania!

It's been sweet to share life with all of them this past week during our JV fall conference as they stayed here at our home. Dave and I are so pleased with them and the lives they lead in the places God has called them to; we love being with our adult kids and our grandkids!

But while it's fun to share life together in one place for a time, we also rejoice in how God's using them in the places He's called them to. There is such joy in our hearts knowing they are walking with God, and leading their families to know and love Him too!

(Oh and by the way...Claire hasn't been with us these past two days as it was finally her turn to take a vacation! We'll catch up with her in a week when she gets back. We love her so much, and are delighted in how she's walking with God too and making a difference wherever she goes!)

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