Friday, September 27, 2019

Twice a Year

With all of our kids and their families now serving with Josiah Venture, I'm guaranteed at least two family pictures a year...when they all come to Malenovice for fall and spring conference!

Since we just finished fall conference, I asked if we could get our next picture this afternoon. Claire brought her camera and tripod over so we could just stand on our little road and take the picture.

We're training the grandkids early about how to smile for the...tripod!

Unless of course they're taking a picture with Papa and Nonnie and all the parents are doing this to get them to smile. 😂

I haven't gotten the pictures back from Claire yet of that particular part of the photo shoot, but she did send me this one. Not bad for a tripod picture, right?!

While Claire took individual family pictures on her camera, I stood beside her and captured them on my phone.

While there's nothing like a camera, it's also amazing what phone cameras can do these days!

Couldn't forget to a "sister" picture!

I'm not sure which one of the guys, Tyler or Caleb said it, but when someone suggested they teach the boys how to frolic in the field, they were all off in a flash!

This sort of fun started years ago with their cousin, Justin and has been producing funny pictures ever since. 🤪

I might have to add a frolicking picture to my requests for pictures whenever they're all here!

Oh this little tribe of Patty men is so adorable. 🥰

L-R: Judah, Asher, Charlie

My heart is overflowing with joy in God's kindness that my kids and their families are walking with God, and that we get to share life together in that way!

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