Saturday, September 28, 2019

One More Celebration

Although Dave's birthday was almost two weeks ago, celebration for him continued this evening with the family members who weren't here for the earlier festivities!

Although we're having the same cake that we had two weeks ago (because who doesn't love a Medovnik, the honey cake that has become so popular here in Czech!), I did have a funny little surprise on top for Dave!

Do you see it?!

Judah was especially fascinated by the letters on Dave's cake that spelled out the name he goes by for the grandsons!

They all piled on top of Papa after eating their cake, giggling all the while!

And postponing bedtime for just a F-E-W more minutes!

What a special day it's been...wood-chopping for Dave's birthday with his boys, and time with the family on a beautiful fall day!

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