Wednesday, September 18, 2019


On this beautiful fall day, I've got an appointment inside this building on the corner.

It's an appointment I've put off, and put off, hoping I wouldn't need to have this procedure today. But the day has's time to get my last wisdom tooth taken out.

The last time I had wisdom teeth out was my freshman year of college! Let's see...that would be about 40 years ago!

Two of the four came in at that time, crowding my already small mouth (I'd had four teeth out earlier due to orthodontics), so my dentist determined that I needed them out. I remember my grandparents in Eugene, Oregon, taking me to their home afterward as I recovered.

Today I have a different driver with me as I get out the third wisdom tooth (the fourth never came in)!

I didn't know what to expect so had Claire drive me here (a half hour from our home) so she could drive me home in case I wasn't able to.

Forty five minutes later we were back in the car, with the wisdom tooth having barely come out. As the dentist said, "The tooth wasn't exactly what I saw on the x-ray and had two jagged edges that made it difficult to pull."

While there wasn't any pain, per se, I could hear and feel the tugging he had to do (you just get Novocain here so I was fully awake for the procedure).

But hopefully this will solve the infections I've been getting under it for the past few years. And hopefully the pain I'm experiencing tonight as the Novocain wears off will go away soon.

I'm thankful to the Lord for this good dentist, who is the cousin of a friend of mine here, and someone I fully trust. You definitely want to know you're in good hands for things like this.

Pray for a good recovery for me!

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  1. Ohhhh OUCH, I feel for you. I hope you are better now.

    I also visited the dentist last week to get my first filling. I made it 57 years with my original equipment before they succumbed to a cavity!