Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Krakow Airport Cuties

This morning I got to take these two cuties to the Krakow airport!

I have known Lisa since she was a new bride, having moved here to Czech with her new husband eleven years ago.

They lived in the apartment over our garage for their first year of marriage, before moving down into Frydlant, where her husband teaches (and now is vice principal) at Beskydy Mountain Academy, the high school our kids went to.

Now, four kids later, she is on her way to the States with her littlest one before she turns 2!

Don't know you know that woman was wondering why I was taking a picture?! ūü§£For my blog, of course!

While her husband stays home with their three older kids, Lisa is off to visit supporters for the next two weeks. She's a brave mama (and her husband is a brave daddy!).

In any given day there are a lot of different aspects to my life and ministry; but getting to do things like this is one of the best!

Praying you made it safely to Chicago, Lisa!

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  1. We made it! Lydia is a very happy traveler. Thanks again for driving us! It was such a perk to have two hours to chat with you. :)