Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy Reunion

I was up at Malenovice this afternoon for registration of the 400 people who are here for JV fall conference this year. And in the meantime, Tyler's family arrived at our house to stay for the week, along with Caleb's family! 

As soon as registration was finished, I dashed home so I could see the cousins together!

These boys are going to have a great "Cousin Conference! ­čśé

While out in the yard, we all checked out the garden to see what else is still there...and look at that, Tyler's pink zinnia's finally popped up! (and a few more cucumbers).

Before I had to leave for the evening program, I managed to get all three boys in a picture with me...not an easy task when there are so many interesting things in the yard to look at and play with!

Because we still don't have the event center built, and we don't want to disturb the neighbors near Malenovice, we are again having our evening program down in Frydlant at the cultural house.

Dave posted about it on FB now you know the theme of this year's fall training and equipping conference: The Great Commandment!

Nearly every year the leadership team chooses a theme that focuses on equipping this next generation of leaders with skills such as, how to share you faith, how to get unstuck from problems, and how to deal with moral slide. But this year we're focusing on God's love.

Rob, our conference director and the JV country leader for Hungary, opened up the conference tonight talking about the theme and how we'll spend our days...learning to receive God's love in, responding to God with love up, and then radiating His love out to the world around us.

I've really been looking forward to this conference and am excited about what's ahead for us all.

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