Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sunday Afternoon Celebration

Look who's over at our house to celebrate somebody's birthday!

Who's got the birthday? Dave!

It's actually tomorrow, but we're having one celebration for him today, a little something tomorrow, and then another one at the end of next week when everyone is here after JV fall conference. Lucky guy being celebrated three times!

But Claire will be gone right after conference, and didn't want to miss celebrating her dad, so he gets one birthday today with her.

Lara and the boys are here too today because Tyler is gone to Prague picking up professors from the UK who are coming in for their first week of university with ForMission. They brought their things up to Malenovice, but came down for the day to be here with us.

I asked Claire if she could bring her camera and take some photos of Dave and I (hopefully for new prayer cards!) today, so off we all went for a walk out on our country roads.

The light was kind of bright so we were searching for the right place to take pictures. When we found it, the boys were happy to be like how we adults are with them when we want them to smile. 😉

And they got good ones out of us!

Claire got some great shots of us with the boys too!

We'll see if this one ends up on any refrigerators or not! 😁

Those pics look different because they're with her good camera...I should have grabbed it from her to take this picture instead of just my phone!

The walk back was so sweet, just meandering with the boys.

Asher is captivated by his shadow!

They saw our neighbor's dog up ahead, so ran to her hoping she'd let them pet her.

She didn't! But their cat did!

The rest of the afternoon was sweet and leisurely, enjoying the sunshine, some soccer ball kicks, and a little rolling down the hill (that was Asher's favorite part!).

Judah took this picture of his mom and me as we sat out here watching them play!

And the big thrill of the afternoon? Watching Papa fix "Catch" the mower! Judah named him in the spring, and that name has just stuck! Catch needed new batteries, and Asher was intrigued!

Such a happy Sunday afternoon, celebrating Dave with the family!

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