Sunday, September 1, 2019

Road Side Breakfast

If you happened to read my post yesterday, you know that we spent the night in the parking lot of a gravel quarry on the Croatian coast!

It also seems to be a mosquito factory too, which we discovered as we slept in the boat, which is open to the outdoors. We didn't last long so really spent the night in the car, curled up in our seats. ­čśČ

But we woke up to a beautiful day, so stopped a ways down the coast for breakfast.

No, not breakfast at a restaurant, but breakfast with our little camping stove!

I was glad we still had a few containers of Tesco oatmeal that only requires hot water! We didn't even have any water left so Dave had to walk to a nearby hotel to buy a bottle!

And what's breakfast without coffee...with a view?!

Since our car is having some sort of computer problem that has sent it into "safe" mode, we needed to leave the boat somewhere safe once we reached Split so that we could spend the night downtown, and be at the service center there at 8 AM.

In a city with a port that sends out literally thousands of boats every week, it's strikingly difficult to find a place to leave one! But Dave loves a challenge so had ideas on how to find a place.

And sure enough, he found a spot...and for free! (with people nearby to watch it)

We headed into Split, ready for our one night in a hotel on this vacation.

With a short night of sleep last night, we didn't do much except get dinner and then head to bed early!

But we're thankful to be in Split and are praying that it's an easy fix for our car at the service center tomorrow morning so we can be on our way home after this wonderful vacation!

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