Saturday, September 28, 2019

Wood Chopping Day

When Dave said that all he wanted for his birthday was a work day with his boys after fall conference ended, they agreed.

This is what makes Dave happy!

While his birthday was already two weeks ago, he was happy to wait for his boys to "come home" for a work day chopping wood!

While he and Caleb got started, Tyler got to work putting the garden to bed for the winter. His boys were out there helping him and made a good pile to take to the organic dumpsters down the road!

While they worked, I worked too.

Yes, I consider giving wheelbarrow rides for nearly two hours, work. 🤣 🤣 🤣(I'm really serious...I walked around our yard with different ones in the wheelbarrow, teaching them the names of the trees, and noticing every little detail along the way!).

Part of my work was also capturing photos of this epic fall day with kids and grandkids here  to enjoy!

I remember when I used to lift Asher up to ring the chimes on our garden house. Now he can climb up there by himself to do it!

This is the smile I got from Judah when I asked him to smile his biggest smile for me!

Charlie was getting a cold so had sniffles that kept him inside for the morning. But by afternoon he had a smile and was outside looking like a little man!

His work for the afternoon? Scooping up rocks to put into his bucket!

Lara and Haley kept us all fed throughout the day, which was a huge blessing to me as it meant I could enjoy just playing with the little boys!

It's fun to watch them growing up and enjoying this kind of a day at Papa and Nonnie's house!

These guys are the heroes of the day though! Sawing, splitting, moving, and stacking wood ALL DAY LONG!

That's a lot of wood ready for the winter!

It couldn't have been a better gift to Dave...having his boys help him with one of his favorite hobbies! Thanks Tyler and Caleb for knowing and loving your dad so well!

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