Monday, September 30, 2019

Sunshine through the Clouds

One of the things I love about our JV conferences is the opportunity to talk and pray with people individually.

During fall conference this past week, God led me to so many different ones, to hear their stories, joys, heartaches, and needs. And each time I'd pray for them at the end of our conversation, I'd be amazed again at how BIG God is, and how ABLE He is to reach down and care for any and all needs.

One particular need stands out...and it's on my heart today. A friend in JV, who I've known for many years, is waiting on God's timing for children. Today she and her husband have a significant doctor's appointment that I'm asking God to oversee and do a miracle through it.

I walked and prayed for an hour at 11:30, the time of the appointment. And all the while it was raining outside. I'll be honest - I fought discouragement as I prayed. They've waited and trusted God for so long, that it seems like it will always be a dark and rainy season for them.

But shortly after that hour, I looked outside the kitchen door and saw a very different sight.

Clouds, yes. But loads of sunshine streaming through in the midst of them!

I don't know if God's answer will be yes this time, though I'm asking him for it for them. But I felt clear assurance that He is absolutely overseeing this time in their lives, knows the desires of their hearts, and has an answer for them.

Along with my friends, I am trusting in the Lord with all my heart, and not leaning on my own understanding; instead I'm acknowledging God and believing Him to make straight paths for my friends.

This is what God specializes in, making paths straight! So I'm leaving my prayers with Him today, and trusting Him to do that for my friends.

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